Trustees & Officials

The Alfred Village Board is comprised of a mayor and four trustees, consistent with all incorporated villages in New York State. The term of service for these positions is two years with election years staggered to assist continuity. Villages conduct their elections in March, although some have shifted that electoral process to November in conjunction with town, county, state and national elections. Citizens of the community are urged to attend meetings and serve on the various village boards.

The village board meets on the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 pm in the Alfred Village Hall on West University Street. Public attendance is welcome at all meetings in keeping with open meetings law and the practice of participatory democracy. The mayor and trustees, along with our village employees, carry out the responsibilities of local governance including public safety, the maintenance of streets, water, and wastewater treatment systems, and budget preparation and oversight. It also sees to the enforcement of the laws of the state and village, building and fire safety codes, and the municipality’s housing code. Initiatives related to community relations and resident activities are often undertaken by members of the board.

A clerk-treasurer oversees the day to day operations of the village and is available to the public from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekdays.

Village Board Members

Mayor Becky Prophet
Oversees village budget and liaisons
to the Alfred Village Police Department

Deputy Mayor Peter McClain
Liaisons to the Alfred Village Planning Board
and works with the Code Enforcement Officer

Trustee Andrea Gill
Liaisons to the Waste Water Treatment Plant

Trustee Jim Ninos
Liaisons to the Village Streets and Water Department

Trustee Caitlin Brown
Oversees the village’s Youth and Recreation Programs
and Community Relations

Other Village Officials

Carolyn Hasper

Deb Slade

Charles Cagle
Code Enforcement Officer (part time)

Paul Griffith
Police Chief

Wende Bush
Village Justice

Teresa Jaycox
Court Clerk

Tom Costello
Waste Water Treatment Plant Supervisor

James McNulty, Jr.
Public Works Superintendent