Saturday, April 11 Daily Update

From the Mayor:

This is the time to let your creativity flow and to share with all of Alfred the joy you take in invention.  There are three projects going on right now:

  1. Alfred-Almond is sponsoring an Easter egg hunt!  Make a display or an arrangement of Easter eggs or other symbols of spring and put it on display at your home, right away and until April 15.
  2.  Make chalk drawings on sidewalks or the driveway where you live.  THEY will become Alfred Art Walk (practicing good physical distancing) on Thursday April 16. Check the garage or the shed–find last year’s chalk and make this year’s drawing, ready for viewing next Thursday.  If you don’t have chalk, email  I have a stash and can serve several people who want to draw and walk!
  3. Add to art walk and the energy of the community with a piece of art that you make and display in a window or in another setting.  People will see it on Art Walk and will return on daily walks to admire the art you share with the community and the message of hope you are sending to everyone.
  4. Every morning at 7:50 a.m., listen for the bell tower at Alfred State playing America the Beautiful and God Bless America.  On week nights, we are privileged to hear the Alfred University Carillon, played from 7:02 to 7:20 to thank the medical staffs and the first responders who are on the front lines of the Covid 19 pandemic, for all of us!.  After the mini concert by Laurel Buckwalter (M, W, F) and Steve Crandall (T, Th) the bells will peal for some minutes.   At the end of the pealing let’s all add our cheers, our honking horns, whistles shouts, and applause for the carillon players and in gratitude to those who are working so hard to save lives and end the outbreak of new coronavirus.  Remember to join in and to contemplate the sacrifices of so many!