Tuesday, April 7 Daily Update

  • Traffic on Alfred State Campus
  • From the Mayor
  • Village meeting/ budget hearing on Zoom
  • Alfred Thanks and Celebration with Sound

Alfred State Traffic: Last week, Alfred State College chose to further reduce density on campus by trying to have all vehicular traffic use the main entrance and not have multiple entrances open that invite through-traffic or guest traffic, and/or present an impression that all is open and accessible.  This went into place over the weekend with the assistance of University Police and Facilities Services departments.  The decision was aimed at reinforcing the message for people to stay home and save lives.  Using the main entrance allows  greater access control and communicates that our facilities are not open for regular business.  As a point of reference, this is currently done at other campuses in the SUNY System. Emergency personnel are able to, if necessary, go around the cones (in the truest  emergency, run over the cones).

COVID update: We had some sad but inevitable news from Alfred State College; inevitable that we would have this news in the Village. Not inevitable that this news would come first from either campus or Village. We are all quite literally in this (valley) together. For the first time, one of our on-campus (Alfred State College) employees has received a positive test result for COVID-19. As per protocol, anyone who was recently in close contact has been notified. Cleaning and sanitation has been performed in their work area. AlfredState.edu/COVID-19/Cases.  To protect privacy, no personally identifiable information is included.  That employee is currently admitted to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Our thoughts and prayers are with them and those they love. Stay safe, stay separate, stay at home.

From the Mayor:  I walk a lot.  I have continued walking around the village during this enormous medical crisis, but I lived and walked by the principles of the governor’s tenets and we hope that everyone else will do so.  The Village of Alfred is different from the communities downstate that are very densely populated.  For those reasons, we do apply the Governor’s orders to keep us all safe and healthy but within reason for our situation.  Thus, we insist  that all people in the community will assiduously

  1. 1 practice social distancing;
  2. 2 be respectful of all people;
  3. 3 NOT congregate;
  4. 4 never gather in a group larger than 10 and then only outdoors and all in safe social distancing;
  5. 5 practice all the recommendations from the CDC to keep yourself and all others safe, whether you meet people on the street or enjoy their company in your yard, at a safe 6′ distance;
  6. 6 that you are mindful of all of our regular ordinances–no loud noise through the village during the day and none after 10:00 p.m. or before 7:00 a.m.

Please, walk in the village and get the exercise, fresh air, and release from claustrophobia that we all need.  Greet one another and enjoy the freedom that we have here.  But, please respect the six feet social distancing and all other people!  That makes for a great community, and that is Alfred!

Public Hearing/ Monthly Meeting: Alfred Village Board of Trustees will hold a Public Hearing on the 2020-2021 Budget on Tuesday April 14, 2020 at 6:45 p.m. Following the Governor’s decree of no public gatherings, Village Trustees will move this Public Hearing online. This hearing is open to the public. The budget will be posted on the Village website, alfredny.org, on Friday April 10, 2020. At that time, hard copies will be available in the Village Hall during their normal business hours – Mon. 9-12, Tues. 1-4, Wed 9-12 and 1-4 and Thur. 9-12.

To register for the public hearing and/or monthly budget meeting, please send an email
to info@alffredny.org with the subject line “budget meeting registration”. To allow the maximum window for registration, the deadline for registering is Monday, April 13, 2020 at 10 p.m. You will receive a return email with a link to join just after 10 p.m. on Monday evening.

The regular monthly meeting of the Village of Alfred Board of Trustees will be conducted online in the same manner as the Public Hearing. The board meeting will begin at 7:30 p.m. as usual on Tuesday April 14, 2020 following the above noted Public Hearing.


Alfred Thanks and Celebration with Sound

  • 7:00pm every night .  Step outside to listen to the clock towers at Alfred State College and the Village of Alfred ring the hour.
  • 7:01pm every night, listen to the pealing of the bell in the tower of the Seventh Day Baptist Church and the bell in the Village Hall
  • 7:02pm Hear a recital on the Davis Memorial Carillon—every Monday through Friday.  Thank you Laurel Buckwalter and Steve Crandall.*** On Saturday and Sunday nights, we will skip this part and go straight to our “cacophony.”
  • 7:07pm Hear the pealing of the largest of the bells in the tower in a thunderous sound of gratitude to the medical staffs and the emergency services people who are the front line battling the coronavirus outbreak.
  • 7:10pm (7:02 on weekends) Participate in thanking  the carillonneurs, AU, and all of the medical staff and first responders by making all the noise you can with car horns, other horns, yells, whistles, percussion and anything else at hand.  Encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same.  We are a community of doers and givers who celebrate the efforts of all of those who make a difference in our lives!

A little more about the bells from Mayor Prophet and Trustee Ninos:

JN: “Back in the day Alfred had a few more bells

  1. 1 Alumni Hall aka the chapel had a bell that rang out the morning services bell was removed and on display in the lobby. The chapel was Alumni Hall when they renovated the building they removed the bell. The man that carried the bell up to the tower was Hiram Burdick a mountain of a man that was a jack of all trades from inventor to minister of the SDB on Hartsville Hill. The bell is on display on display in the lobby of Alumni Hall
  2. 2 Was the Village Hall aka the Firehall that rang the hour and also rang the alarm for fires. Will ring at 7:00 if the clock is working. To have it ring independently is no easy task according to Bryan Dodge. The old fire alarm cable was removed years ago.
  3. 3 the SDB church will ring tonight
  4. 4 carillon bells were dedicated to Booth Davis President University they will ring tonight thanks to Becky and her charm
  5. 5 the newest bells are the Alfred State bells that can play as well as charm the quarter hours they will ring the hour at 7:00

Just a little bit of Alfred History…”

BP: “the bell was moved out of the Alumni Hall Tower in 1981, with the renovation.  In my childhood, there were only two times that I heard–when I was very young, on a Christmas Eve, and when the SDB Church celebrated its sesquicentennial  (1964, I think?) and all of the bells in the Village were rung.  Then in 2006, when I was no longer in my childhood, the village had a Bellebration, where we rang of the bells in the village and gave the history of each one.  We opened the Alumni Hall doors and the clapper was moved several times to ring the bell, which we heard as we stood outside.  If anyone wishes, I do have a cool anecdote about the hanging of the bell in the tower, in the 19th c.

There was also a renovation in 1927, I’ll find a photo, that was what the inside looked like until 1981.  When AU stopped requiring chapel–I think in the late ’50’s the place became a large lecture hall, theatre space, and campus cinema.  Jim and I both remember what that looked like.”