From the Mayor


Leaves are Changing; the Need to Distance and Mask is Not

Autumn has arrived in our village, cloaked in the beauty of bright colors painting our hillsides and yards!  I believe that we are seeing the best, brightest and most varied fall foliage in some 25 years, here in Alfred.  Sugar Hill was aflame last week; the Village streets are a lovely tapestry of warm colors.  For a few days of sunny, clear skies the whole scene was dazzlingly gorgeous.  During the full moon last week with the planet Mars a bright pin point beyond the edge of the moon, there was a lovely sky scape.  In the valley the colored leaves made a visual fantasy world.

Perhaps because of the dangers of Covid-19 many of us are looking at the natural world around us with much more pleasure.  And, with that beautiful distraction, which we all deserve to enjoy and share with one another, we may find ourselves letting down our guard–and/or our masks.

With the mask law in effect, necessary adherence to businesses of enforcing masking in order to stay open, and the continuing need to keep one another safe and healthy, we must be even more conscientious in the practices of masking, maintaining social distance, hand hygiene, and avoiding large gatherings.

Masking works!  Look at what is happening in other places in the nation where masking has not been practiced.  The President is hospitalized with Covid-19.  How many more of his circle will test positive as this disease works its way through employees and high government officials?  The most important part of wearing a mask when you cannot maintain 6 feet distance, is how your action contributes to public health and to keeping everyone safe.  Do remember, in Alfred, “PPE” stands for “please protect everyone.”  And then, of course, everyone is contributing to protecting you, when there is universal masking.

Get out and enjoy the incredible display of nature around us.  And, of course in sharing the landscape with others, wear your mask and keep your distance.