From the Mayor


What a gorgeous weekend we have had in Alfred!  The return of sun and warmth for a pair of brilliant fall days is a joy to all residents.  These are days that we will savor as fall progresses toward our “Alfred winter.”

As more cold weather arrives and more of us spend more time indoors, please review and continue to practice the methods of stopping the spread of covid and protecting ourselves, and our friends, relatives, and neighbors from the disease.  Please be sure to mask and/or practice social distance outdoors.  Be sure to mask AND practice social distance indoors, if you are in places, including your home, with people who are not members of your family.

Medical evidence suggests that one factor in the spread is the amount of time spent with others in enclosed spaces.  It is for this reason that Alfred University and Alfred State College are following a mandate of New York State Department of Health to limit all classes and indoor gatherings to no more than one hour and for all present to wear masks that cover the nose and mouth.  Since the state and our valley are now facing an uptick in positive tests for corona virus, it is wise to reduce our risks.  Please avoid the potential problems of spread indoors by masking when we are with others.  Also, practice the “one-hour” rule.

We should all take special precautions for Hallowe’en and Trick-or-Treating this year.  Using the spread of Covid-19 in the White House over the last two weeks as an example, please, everyone, deeply consider whether or not it is safe to go Trick-or-Treating and respect the need to mask for anyone doing so and/or accompanying the delightful ghosts and goblins.  As well, residents of any neighborhood should open their doors only to properly masked children and their guides.  It would be terrific if residents come up with clever and safe ways to “treat” that are non-contact methods of distribution.  Staying healthy through this brilliant, delightful fall suggests that we all have a better chance of accomplishing the same as we move into the snow-covered ghostly and gorgeous landscape that is inevitable in this valley!