Thursday, March 26 Daily Update

Daily Update March 26

We are all in this (valley) together.

As of March 25, in Allegany County, 90/ 98 tests are negative. 2 confirmed cases. 8 people currently quarantined isolated.

Attached are press releases from Allegany County and Steuben County yesterday. No matter what the situation is right now, the public can be assured that we will see cases in the near future. Below are messages from Alfred University and Alfred State College to their students residing on and off campus in the Village. Both schools are making every effort to minimize the impact on our community.

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Playgrounds are closed. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, the playgrounds in Alfred are closed to help stop the spread of the disease.

Protect our Sewer:  by putting NOTHING down any toilet other than human waste and that much cherished toilet paper. Toss used paper products or disposable wipes in the trash!

Public Meeting Law

The Governor in Executive Order No. 202.1 has relaxed the Open Meetings Law to allow meetings of public bodies to be held remotely by conference call or similar services.

The Village of Alfred, Alfred State College and Alfred University are working together to share information and provide up to date, clear and accurate communications to our communities.

We are fortunate here rural Western NY that we generally have little need for systematized lines of communication in emergency situations. It may feel that we all know one another. We can wait to get our news in the weekly paper, or on the radio, or at the diner whether by bulletin board or by talking with our neighbors. We do not have a tremendous need for technology. One can find most things they need through word of mouth. This is a rapidly evolving situation though, and mandated isolation can make it difficult to communicate through our usual, slow and meandering routes.

Our governor, county officials, departments of health, emergency services, elected and appointed officials and essential employees, administrators both on and off our campuses are working hard to make sure the public has access to timely and accurate information. There is a silver lining. Lines of communication are, in fact open.

Letters from AU and A State to their students protecting our community:

Dear students A state March 24

Dear students from AU March 25