From the Mayor

As of this morning the Village of Alfred has the results that three more village employees have tested positive for COVID 19. All are quarantined at home.  Our hearts and hopes go out to these employees and their families. Two other employees have tested negative.
Our total of positives among Village employees is four.  All four have been home (pending test results) at least since Friday May 8.   Over the weekend, staff were able to coordinate with and borrow equipment from Bolivar fire company. The Village Hall was decontaminated late Saturday, May 10.  As far as can be ascertained, no one worked with symptoms indicating infection, except for one with a routine minor ailment. That did, thank goodness for that person’s sake, and that of the Village, led to all being tested.  It is unlikely that any village residents came in contact with any employees long enough or close enough to be infected.
The employees who have tested negative will be encouraged to test again at the beginning of next week.  Both Allegany  and Steuben County Departments of Health are apprised of this situation in Alfred.
With great hope for the good health of all employees and citizens, it is noted that this this infection should remind everyone to scrupulously continue social distancing, staying home as much as possible, wearing a mask when in public, and to continue to follow other practices for good health.  By our experience here in the Village of Alfred this disease is highly contagious, and from wider experience, very cruel and dangerous.  Please, everyone do your part to prevent the spread of COVID 19.
–Becky Prophet, Mayor of the Village of Alfred