People who are watching the meeting remotely will not be able to directly comment at any time during the meeting.  People in the meeting space will be invited to make remarks in the five minute public comment period at the beginning of the meeting and in the ten minute comment period at the end of the meeting.

During the October meeting, people listening or watching remotely may send a brief email to  BEFORE 5:00 p.m on Tuesday, October 13.  These will be read in the public meeting during the appropriate open comment period.  Be present and participate in our local government.

New York State’s Open Meeting Law “gives the ‘general public’ ” the right to attend the meetings of public bodies, with exceptions for closed sessions . . ..  New York law does not limit access to meetings to a specific category of people or a profession, such as “the traditional press.” Anyone may attend. The right to attend meetings does not include a right to participate or comment. A public body may permit you to speak at open meetings, but does not have to do so. Alfred’s Village Board will continue to provide remote access to public meetings through ZOOM or Facebook